Re: OT: Old ICs for sale

John Griessen

On 06/11/2018 12:28 PM, Dave Seiter wrote:
Selling items is better than watching TV, and if they get used, it's better than dumping them in landfill
Yes, I have a scale that goes to 5kg and a squirt bottle of diluted wood glue for putting laser printed labels on
packages. Lots of things can go in flat rate USPS envelopes stuffed to resemble a football. First class package rate for a padded bubble mailer under a pound is a good way.
It helps to be near a source of cardboard boxes. When I gather boxes from local
retailers 130 feet from my door, I often get good packing material too. I use an old Canon S30 for photos because it gets good exposures and focuses well, and makes photos about 2400 pixels across -- not too large so they quickly can be fixed up in GIMP photo editing tool. Instead of cables to the camera, I remove and replace its compact flash card, (about 3 x 4 cm), and use that with a dedicated compact flash card reader. That all makes for a fairly quick round trip of photo shooting to serving up on a web site (craigslist or ebay).

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