Re: OT: Old ICs for sale

Tom Gardner

On 11/06/18 18:50, Dennis Tillman W7PF wrote:
Hi Tom, and everyone who bids on Ebay,

There is some misunderstanding about prices on Ebay: Newbies and or sellers with stores frequently list their items with arbitrarily high prices. Sometimes they simply look at current listings and price accordingly.

BUT what really matters is what these items SOLD for. To find that out you have to look carefully through the completed listings for the auctions that were successfully concluded.
Indeed, but care isn't needed: just select "sold listings" :)

There are a couple of other useful tools for buyers:

  - to find out what an "or best offer" actually sold for, use and paste in the item's number (as found buried in the URL)

  - to find out what offers a seller has accepted/rejected, use with the seller's name

That will tell you the true price the market thinks this is worth.

If there is an outlier in the completed auctions that sold for a truly outrageous price you have to look at the bidding that took place. It was probably between two newbies that didn't understand how Ebay works and they kept outbidding each other by a few dollars each time. If you are a seller you always hope your item will be bid up by newbies to absurd prices. It is lots of fun to watch one of these bidding wars take place and wonder where it will end.
Try watching the live online auctions!

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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From: Tom Gardner Sent: Monday, June 11, 2018 12:43 AM

On 11/06/18 05:19, G Hopper wrote:
I suppose that for $55 there probably is some value in that offering
even if some of the chips are dead. I do have to chuckle since I have
some of the same stuff as NOS in my parts drawers and amongst the
boxes I've inherited from others. Never really considered the
possibility that any of it had value. "There's gold in them there

Perhaps more than you might think - and they don't even have to be
unused. Look at the fleabay prices for "mustard capacitors" and
"germanium transistor"

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