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Daniel Koller

That I agree with.   Not dumping into landfill "adds value".  Hey, I saved an RM504 from a list member here and finally found a home for it, so I understand that point!

On Monday, June 11, 2018, 1:28:24 PM EDT, Dave Seiter <> wrote:

Selling items is better than watching TV, and if they get used, it's better than dumping them in landfill (or at least putting that off for a while longer).

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Questionable how much value there really is in those chips.  I have a similar-ish collection.  But I get paid by the hour at work, so I have to subtract the time it would take me to sort them, photograph them, package them, process the e-bay posting and receipt of change, and then mail them.  It takes much more time than any of us really account for.   Take off the 15% you lose to ebay/paypal fees and it's almost not worth selling them, which is basically why I don't even bother with ebay anymore.    And those of you who are retired.... don't say "I've got the time" because then you are under-valuing your hard-earned retirement.  Occasionally I find something that might fetch me over $100 on ebay and then I consider selling it - high value items.

    On Monday, June 11, 2018, 3:43:23 AM EDT, Tom Gardner <> wrote:

On 11/06/18 05:19, G Hopper wrote:
I suppose that for $55 there probably is some value in that offering even if some of the chips are dead.  I do have to chuckle since I have some of the same stuff as NOS in my parts drawers and amongst the boxes I've inherited from others.  Never really considered the possibility that any of it had value.  "There's gold in them there drawers!!!!"
Perhaps more than you might think - and they don't even have to be unused. Look
at the fleabay prices for "mustard capacitors" and "germanium transistor"

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