Re: Off Topic: Wanted Spectracom 8212 Chart Recorder Manual

Jim Olson <v_12eng@...>

This is also off topic I am a new comer to the site and also getting into Tek o'scopes have picked up some dead 400 scopes to play with.
Found this site by browsing for info, manuals etc. and i have noticed that most of the folks on here are Ham Radio license operators. Is this a requirement to play with the older Tek scopes or just a coincidense as one would be handy setting up receivers and transmitters as I recall from my radio and electronics classes in High School back in the dark ages. i actually had a complete radio set from a WW II Grumman TBM with all the tuning boxes and the Dynamoter ran it off a pair of 12v batteries. Never got my license back then as it was really complicated for a high school kid got it to use in my involvement with the CAP also my pilots license.
have always loved working with electronic busy stuff so I will have fun testing, trouble shooting and repairing these things.
Just a little back ground have been a gear head forever plus amature IT type guy did 17yrs in the Navy air reserve as a Aircraft Electrician on various planes ending with the FA-18.
Enough for now

Jim Olson AE1ret.

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