Re: OT: Old ICs for sale

G Hopper

Well, the seller seems a bit full of himself and full of hyperbole: "...while I’d wager every last chip is good, ..., they are sold as-is."

In other words, "I'll engage in a bit of puffery and unsupported claims, and then disclaim all that by selling them as-is." If he won't guarantee them, he's not really willing to wager that "every last chip" is in fact good, is he?

I suppose that for $55 there probably is some value in that offering even if some of the chips are dead. I do have to chuckle since I have some of the same stuff as NOS in my parts drawers and amongst the boxes I've inherited from others. Never really considered the possibility that any of it had value. "There's gold in them there drawers!!!!"

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