Locating repair parts for P6131 probe(s)

G Hopper

I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for replacement parts sources besides looking on eBay.

I received four Tek P6131 probes all in the same condition with a 2432 I purchased. The BNC connector/Compensation box, and the cable are fine. The Probe Tip/Hybrid Tip is in rough shape (some are slightly bent, others are dented.) there is nothing else. No tip, no ground lead or place to connect it, no body.

I have the part numbers from the manual and have googled them, but even the Tek web site doesn't seem to have a way to purchase individual parts. Ebay had a few of the pieces but not everything and not as many as I need.

I'd really hate to buy another set of probes (and consequently sell or part these out) when I have what is a good start to a set of probes for this scope.

Anyone have a suggestion as to how to find the parts I need?

Grant Hopper

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