Off Topic: Wanted Spectracom 8212 Chart Recorder Manual


I have a set of Spectracom WWV receiver TM500 plugins. I have manuals for
most of them but I am missing the manual for the dual wide 8212 Chart

This recorder uses two slots in a Tek TM5xx or TM5xxx mainframe. It receives
a 0-1mA DC signal from the 8150 Precision Phase Comparator Aux Output front
panel jack or the rear interface connector. It uses MP00025 Chart Paper.

I searched google with no success. I have done google searches over the
years in hopes that a manual might show up also with no success.

The only marking of any kind inside the unit is a little paper label
attached to the motor that that drives the chart paper. It says D-7710
Donaueschingen Stegmann and it lists the voltage the motor works on
3512-250/110V/60Hz. This is somewhat mysterious since the TM mainframes do
not supply 110V on any of their connector pins. and this chart recorder
works in any TM mainframe. I'm not sure how they do that but a manual or
schematic should explain it.

Thanks in advance,

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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