Re: Tek 7623A - Source of 151-0271-00 transistor (A5T4261) or a currently available equivalent.


Hi Fabio,
This stuff is still above my 'expertise' level .... but for my education .... could you outline for me how you got to this point ... from a circuit analysis perspective??
Cheers, Ian

On Wed, Jun 6, 2018 at 03:06 pm, Fabio Trevisan wrote:
On my 7623A, the Vertical Output amplifier fails to give me that last nanosecond of step response.
The best I was being able to get from it was about 4.5ns risetime and even though, at the expense of a decent flat-top.
After some chasing I narrowed down the problem to the PNP transistors of the pair Q2441 / Q2451.

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