Re: TDS684A - corroded electrolytic capacitors

Chuck Harris

You can make the job majorly easier if you use
an underboard preheater to warm the bottom side of
the board to about 100-150C. Be careful if there
is any plastic on the underside... you might want
to remove it, or protect it from melting.

And, of course, the old fashioned stainless steel
bristled brush. You can get a tool that has a scraper
on one side, and a small brush on the other... It is
made for cleaning solder joints. Velleman makes them,
among others.

-Chuck Harris

Roger Evans via Groups.Io wrote:

Thanks Ed, I have a dental pick but it is not the best quality. I found a useful suggestion on the Tek forum to use a diamond coated tool used by jewelery makers, I will get one of those. I don't wish to remove the SMD pads from the board while trying to clean them!

Thanks for your help,


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