Re: Help using this Group


I am using Firefox and not keen to receive too many emails .... so I have set up Bookmarks as per Jeff's suggestion below. I will see how this approach meets my needs. Thanks to all. Ian

Looks like I will have to convert to an Email system ..... thanks for the
Not really. I use web based access and the groups are just in bookmarks.
However, you can also create bookmarks to individual threads, or the
individual photo albums. You can also make subdirectories within bookmarks, or
favorites in IE.
In Firefox, open the bookmarks and right click, it will show "New Folder",
click that and it will ask you to name it. So type in whatever and click OK or
hit Enter. This is your chance to rename it, do it because it only stores from
this site as "Tekscopes@io|album. You don't get a chance to nameit after it is
moved in that directory. The folder will then appear whenever you go to
Bookmarks. At that point just drag whatever 9renamed) bookmarks in there. They
will disappear from the main list but when you click it it will open to a list
on one side, run your cursor over and click whatever you want.

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