Re: 7T11 sampling timebase - how does it behave?



As an extensive user of the 7S11/7T11 (I own 6 7S11s 4 7T11s, and 2 7T11As) they are awful to use
I don't fully agree with you on this, Dennis. Whereas the 7S14 behaves almost exactly like an analog 'scope, as you describe, the 7S11/7T11 behaves very differently. Although it (actually, mostly the 7T11) does remain a bit finicky to use, the most important thing I guess before using the 7S11/7T11 is realising it's not a general purpose 'scope setup, taking a deep breath and letting go of the assumption that the time settings are some sort of equivalent to normal time base setting (s/div.) with an ordinary time-expanded window in it, like with a second (delayed) time base. I do agree that triggering effort, noise level etc. do remain less pleasant than when using a 7S14 or a 7104 equipped as you mention. OTOH, no amount of effort will show an 8 GHz waveform on the 7S14 or 7104 - or a 50 ps step with any fidelity. I get quite good results with a 7S11/S-4/7T11A in a 7854, using digital storage and filtering, though I haven't exactly tried things like your 10 ps/div or 2 mV/div. I might give that a try though, one of these days with the 7854.
Not only have I had fun playing with the 7S11/7T11 but I have had results as well; one does get used to them. As an example, I certainly prefer adjusting the fast edge of a PG-506 using a 7S11/7T11 over a 7104 or 7S14... Signal fidelity (shape and speed) cannot be matched by either of the two latter setups. And I cannot judge the performance of my home-made TD-pulser without the 7S11/S-4/7T11 setup.


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