Re: 7T11 sampling timebase - how does it behave?


Regarding the differences between the 7S14 and the 7S11/7T11:

As near as I can tell from using the 7S14 extensively, anyone familiar with any very common dual trace dual timebase Tek product would instantly be familiar with how to use the 7S14. It was extremely easy to use and it worked exactly as it appeared to suggest from looking at it. I looked forward to using 7S14s every opportunity I could before I got a 7104/7A29/7B10/7B15.

As an extensive user of the 7S11/7T11 (I own 6 7S11s 4 7T11s, and 2 7T11As) they are awful to use, they take at least a half hour to get working together, and you often have to confirm a setup first on a 7A29/7B10 to be sure you eliminate anything that can possibly be causing the sampling plugins to not work in spite of you doing everything right. Finally, the amplitude noise of the S4 (I have 3 of them) is more than 2mV and the time jitter of the 7T11s is so great that you can't use them on the most sensitive vertical setting or on the fastest two horizontal settings. These two plugins are a nightmare to use.

I don't believe you can get a clean trace at 2mV/Div and 10pSec/Div or even 20pSec/Div using these plugins. I would love to be proved wrong. If you have proof send me a photograph (@Dennis_Tillman_W7pF) and tell me how you did it. I would love to know how to do it.

Dennis Tillman W7PF

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Roger Evans Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2018 12:08 PM

Chris, Dennis,
I wondered why the 7S14 had the delayed timebase and Vernier control of the
delta-delay markers but this was omitted on the 7T11. There could be
several possible reasons and Dennis may be able to point to the truth.

The 7S14 has a delay line so that you can see the trigger point and make
accurate time measurements from the trigger to other features on the
waveform. On the 7T11 in sequential scan you are looking 10s of nsec after
the trigger so you largely lose any time reference from the trigger event.

Another very good reason might be that the 7T11 is already very well filled
with multiple boards.


Dennis Tillman W7PF
TekScopes Moderator

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