Re: Way OT, but maybe interesting: Li-ion battery observations and questions


They make plenty of mistakes too.
Maybe worst was the DHR243 hammer (XRH01 in the US).
I could tell something wasn't right just by turning the chuck by hand,
it sounded awful as if something was binding. After some tinkering I
noticed the problem went away if I loosened the gearbox screws ever so
slightly. Power draw from the battery with the drill turning idle also
dropped to about half. They just mashed the gears together way too
tight, causing the binding. Some shims fixed that but this it not OK
for a premium product, clearly a design error not accounting for the
length tolerance of an injection molded plastic housing.

The grips are way too skinny even for small hands and the rubber
overmolding is very rough. On some of the tools there is sharp
injection molding flash right underneath the trigger button, where you
feel it every time you pick the thing up. Generally the fit of the
housings is poor, the Bosch tools fit together so well you barely
notice any seam but the Makita tools all have huge gap designed in so
the mismatch isn't so obvious. The Bosch tools feel nice and smooth in
the hand, you want to hold them. Not so with Makita, you almost want
to wear gloves so the rubber off-road-tire tread doesn't hurt your

There are too many safety catches on some of the tools. I only have
two hands and accordingly reduced the number of safety catches to
match the number of hands. I consider it sufficient if both hands are
required to activate a tool, I don't need a safety button for each
foot and the tongue too.

Don't get me wrong, I know this is criticism at a somewhat elevated
level. But these are expensive premium tools and I had to take most of
them apart immediately to fix them in some way (including the

If it wasn't for the one thing - the battery platform, I would have
sent the first items back and switched to Bosch while I still could
(no hope now). Bosch just pissed me off with making the batteries for
their power tool and garden tool range intentionally incompatible,
just to spite me.


On Wed, May 9, 2018 at 6:11 PM, Pete Lancashire <xyzzypdx@...> wrote:
I know this thread is getting pretty long here but I'll also toss in my
vote for Makita. They're one of the few independent companies that still
make design and manufacture their own tools and the one time I had problems
with a model that had a brushless motor Makita of America sent me a
replacement with an RMA tag and told me to return the defective one one at
my leisure.

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