Re: Heat Sink Compound

Ted Rook

Those wanting more information can refer to the study by Diane Vaughan in her 1996 "The
Challenger Launch Decision" which records in chapter 8 the grisly details of multiple
telephone conference calls right up to the final hours. My recollection is that things were not
completely polarized as "managers" vs "engineers", things were more complex.

Available used on Amazon for a few dollars.

Sorry I can't help with heatsink grease either


On 4 May 2018 at 7:04, steve gunsel wrote:

re: Challenger o-rings. Failure was caused by low temperature at launch. The o-rings were
too stiff to seal properly. Previus cold launches also experienced o-ring failures, just not
catastrophic. Managers over-ruled the engineers tto keep on schedule. Richard Feynman
was on the accident review committee and had little good to say about program
Sirry I can't help with the heat sink compound.

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