Re: 7633/7b53a in XY

Fabio Trevisan

Hi Lop Pol,

Not really. You can, of course, set the 7B53A to EXT, but you will be limited to the very few options of sensitivity and/or attenuation.
You will basically have only 10mV / div ( with 10x activated and EXT with no attenuation), or 100mV/div (with x10 off), or yet, 1V/div, if you choose EXT÷10.
But it also works with 7B53A source select to INT, in such case it will receive the X-axis signal routed through the 7633's triggering selection subsystem.
When you do this, you use the 7A26's channel select to, say, CH1, and the 7A26's triggering selection to CH2,
In the above example, CH1 will become the Y signal and CH2 will become the X signal, and you will have all the 7A26's sensitivity and attenuation choices for the X axis.

On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 06:52 pm, lop pol wrote:

I'm a dummy. RTFM 7b53a needs to be in EXT

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