Re: New acquisition: Soviet 7000-series copies


On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 10:07 am, stefan_trethan wrote:
Interesting that the MF and installed plugins are german while the
others have cyrillic writing.
Yes. I've seen pictures of them with both German and Russian labelling, but no other languages, even here in Poland. I have some German-language instruction manuals which have pencil annotations in Polish.

I can already see one thing that the Russians improved: the latch won't break.
Having played with the plugins a bit, there's another reason for that: the edge connector is a somewhat finer pitch than the Tek one (has more contacts) and so alignment seems more critical. Even slight movements of the plugin make the readout go crazy. The mechanical tolerances seem a little more generous, such that it's sometimes necessary to loosen one plugin to get another in next door to it, so everything shuffles around a bit until the screws are tightened.

But how come one of them doesn't have a latch?
That's the delay line which, analogous to the Tek 7M11, is entirely passive (has no edge connector or other connection to the mainframe). It's also incredibly heavy, presumably being full of hardline coax. Maybe they intended it to be mostly used outside the mainframe. If fitted in the mainframe, however, there's a real risk of it falling out and injuring someone's foot!

Looking forward to the non-potato pictures.


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