Re: New acquisition: Soviet 7000-series copies


On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 02:45 am, Craig Sawyers wrote:

Just yesterday I picked up the latest addition to my Tek-related collection
of equipment: an actual
example of the Soviet-era Tek 7000 series copies. These come up for sale
from time to time in
and eastern Europe, but they're often in very poor condition or are missing
plugins. I snapped this
up because it's in great shape (all the plugins still have their factory
seals intact) and it has an
interesting selection of plugins.
That sounds awesome - download some pics please!
I've put a couple of quick photos of the ensemble on the workshop floor into the album "Soviet 7000-series copies":

I'll add more when I've had time to take better ones. The sharp-eyed will spot that the pulse generator plugin is upside down. I wasn't looking too carefully when I stacked them!


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