Re: New acquisition: Soviet 7000-series copies


On Wed, May 2, 2018 at 03:40 am, Roger Evans wrote:
Fascinating find, is the pulse generator intended to go with the sampling
units? It would be interesting to find out what sort of performance the
Soviets were achieving.
Yes, it is, as far as I can see. Having spent a few minutes playing around with it, it seems that the sampling timebase has no ability to free-run or obtain an internal trigger signal. It needs an external trigger, which is provided by the pulse generator (or, I guess, the trigger output of the delay line if you're observing an external signal). The only way I could get a trace out of the sampling timebase was to connect the trigger output of the pulse generator to its trigger input. Then both repetitive sweep and manual/external scan work fine. The sampling vertical plugin appears to do sensible things, too, so I'm really itching to get my hands on the sampling head.

I'll have a look at the risetime of the pulse generator too. It may be a useful tool in its own right!

The standard timebase doesn't seem to be quite working properly. It will only sweep in response to each press of the single-sweep-reset button, though it does trigger correctly each time. It's as if it's getting stuck in the holdoff state. The sweep is offset to the left, too. I'll do the usual edge-connector-cleaning routine and see if that helps, otherwise it's time to break the factory seals, which is a shame. However, I've already spotted a couple of tunnel diodes visible through the perforated side panels :-)


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