New acquisition: Soviet 7000-series copies


Just yesterday I picked up the latest addition to my Tek-related collection of equipment: an actual example of the Soviet-era Tek 7000 series copies. These come up for sale from time to time in central and eastern Europe, but they're often in very poor condition or are missing plugins. I snapped this one up because it's in great shape (all the plugins still have their factory seals intact) and it has an interesting selection of plugins.

The haul includes:
C1-122 (S1-122) mainframe
Ya4S-89 pulse generator
Ya4S-90 dual trace vertical (x2)
Ya4S-91 dual timebase
Ya4S-97 multimeter
Ya4S-100 dual trace sampling vertical
Ya4S-101 sampling timebase
Ya4S-102 dual delay line
2K11 calibration plugin

So far I've only had time for the briefest of tests, but the mainframe basically works, with readouts on the screen, and I have managed to get a trace out of it. I'm looking forward to experimenting and documenting it in more detail on TekWiki. It's like familiar technology but from a parallel universe!

One thing I really want is the sampling head to go with the Ya4S-100 plugin. The seller is hunting around to see if he's got it anywhere, and I'll keep looking, but otherwise it might be a case of improvising with a 'western' sampling head to get it working.


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