Re: OT : How About A Group For "Other" ?

Richard Knoppow

I am sort of lost in this very long thread but will chime in FWIW. I belong to the Hewlett-Packard/Agilent/Keysite group. Some time ago a few of us decided to start another group dedicated to Boonton Radio, which became a division of -hp-. The group showed some activity at first but eventually sort of faded out although it is still going. There were several unrelated companies with Booton in their names and all get discussed in this group and are welcome because there just isn't enough Boonton Radio discussion to support it.
I think splitting a group or list makes some sense if there are a lot of semi-off-topic subjects where another list can be supported. Otherwise I am skeptical of its having any advantages.
I have only a couple of rather ancient Tek instruments, both of which are in constant use (except the scope I am working on) and appreciate the expertise and generally high level of understanding here.
I may add that there are many mailing lists and forums (forae) dedicated to various makes of test instruments and even to generic types of instruments. I would suggest making sure that any new group actually serves a purpose.

On 5/1/2018 4:45 AM, Jeff Urban wrote:
I took the plunge. the group name will be TestGearNotTekScopes. the email address will be, pending approval of course. I see no reason they wouldn't approve it though.
I already emailed the site fro some clarification. I am going to need some help for sure. I use direct web access to get here and it works fine for me, however I guess many use an email client. I never learned how to set one up. I have Outlook Express and real Outlook, and I have used Thunderbird for Usenet access when Google was down. If I open one of these email programs it wants numbers which I don't have, so a walkthrough on that would be appreciated. I will also Google it of course but sometimes it is better to hear it fro people. I may know a little electronics but internet and all this, not so much. The PC itself, maybe. I have built a few and repaired some, and got rid of bugs etc. for people and myself. I am not afraid of the registry though I avoid it for obvious reasons if there is a better way to git er dun.
One question is say I want to include my guidelines for images, I see nowhere to put that. Do I have to put it right in the group description ? That is one mess I do not want to create so I think it should be nipped in the bud.
Hopefully this will work out and people can go there and discuss their HP, Sencore, Wavetek, Boonton, whatever. But it is right in the description on to refer here anything to do with Tektronix oscilloscopes.
Richard Knoppow

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