Re: Hello from new old member

Fabio Trevisan

I wasn't around in the group 5~10 years ago so, I`m not sure if I`m entitled to welcome you back... But feel welcomed anyway.
I am from Brazil and here is very difficult to find or get Tek stuff of any kind.
Usually, I wouldn't stick my head out to the possibility of buying something from North America because the shipping becomes prohibitive.
But I see that you live not so far from relatives (my in-laws live in Mississauga) and they come down every once in a while so that may be an opportunity.
Please let me know what you're interested in "downsizing"... I may be able to relieve you from some excess (if any such thing can ever be an excess).
I have a recently acquired 7623A mainframe, with a 7A26 and a 7B53A... It's begging for a 3rd plugin.

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