Re: 547 in New Hampshire

Roy Morgan

Chuck and other Simple Green interested folks,

The FAA may well have put out a notice, but I have not seen it (a pointer to it would be appreciated), BUT:

The Army did put a notice in it’s aircraft maintenance magazine, quite some years ago now (quite possibly before the more suitable Simple Green formulas were introduced).

The Army instructions were (summarized):

- DO NOT use Simple Green on aircraft
- DO use Army-approved cleaners and procedures.

The article did not go into detail about what the stuff does to aircraft, but was clear that it should not be used.
(I can later send a copy to interested folks.)

Further, Bill Carns, much respected and long-experienced leader in the Collins community cautions about using harsh cleaners on radios. It seems to me that basing decisions about cleaners on 3 to 5 years absence of “problems” may be a bit short sighted. The Tek 545B that I expect to bring back to operation has been in moderate to poor storage conditions for a decade or so, and was made a lot of decades ago. I expect that I”ll be depending on it as my main scope for another decade or two. (Do 90-year-olds still work on radios? I hope to.)

In the past, I have used 50-50 409 and household ammonia as a magical cleaner for radios. That may well have been unwise!

I had a bit of hope to get the 547 from New Hampshire, but was not surprised the first responder took it. So — I am modestly in the market for another one. I am in central NY and can travel some distance to avoid shipping. (I lost a 547 and a whole lot of other treasures in a disaster.)

Roy Morgan

On Apr 23, 2018, at 5:51 PM, Chuck Harris <cfharris@...> wrote:

FAA put out a notice against the use of Simple Green for
cleaning aluminum airplanes a number of years ago. The
problem is it wicks into joints, and under rivets, where
it sits and corrodes.

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