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Look in the Tek Cross Reference book  page 12-9 has some info on the 152-0502-00 and lesser information on the 152-0397-00.  The text is searchable.  It may give you a generic replacement.

I thought the information on U1275 might help understand what it does in the circuit.   TekWiki has several other valuable references on the same page.


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Hi Robert :
It is a very useful information for me to understand the PSU of 7904 !
On the other hand , I am looking for the data sheets for the fast recovery rectifier 152-0502-00 ( MBD5300 ) and 152-0397-00 ( MR880 ). It was because my PSU of 7904 CR1311 and 1312 using replacements having different shut down result at same loading conditions, it is low loading only !
Thanks !
RegardTony CheungAPR 27 2018

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Hello,This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the group.File: 7904 - U1275 IC Information 155-0067-02.pdfUploaded By:Robert Hay Description:
Internals info for U1275 in 7904 mainframe, PS control chip 155-0067-02 from the Tek Made handbook.You can access this file at the URL:,
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