Re: Nuvistors


I might be able to find a couple of 8056 but I am not sure of their condition. Changing them changed the DC offset and i have no way to check them right now. friend of mine has a tube tester but i won't see him for some time because of circumstances. (we aren't on the outs it is other things)

I also have a few of those HV rectifier tubes, and one GZ whatever, 1,400 volt version.

Not much, mainly pay for packing and shipping, $ 20 total each or add more to one package cheaper. (maybe $ 10 ? maybe less) And I WILL pack them correctly. They would have to really try to break them. Let's put it this way - I got carpet padding and wood.

Basically I might get a six pack of decent beer out of it. I have no online or Paypal so either postal MO or personal (yes really) check.

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