Re: Intermittent no trace / sweep.

Fabio Trevisan

Hello Vaclav,

Please see my answers just after your questions:

Sorry, perhaps me posting my first one wrong way.
You're welcome... don't need to apologize.

Why is there even a need for attachment?
I did not indicate that in both of my posts.
My mistake... I just assumed there could be a picture because your original message doesn't explain what is the problem that you want help for and because it's so common for newcomers to paste or attach pictures to their first messages.
Since the pictures don't get through to the forum, the messages quite often look like yours, with an open question but without an indication of what the problem is.

I think I am capable carrying on a discussion without pictures - if that was
reason you mentioned attachment.
No bad feelings... One thing you will see in this group is that people from all levels of knowledge (some are really rocket science high level, believe me) and all levels fluency are welcome and treated fairly.
B.T.W. One thing that really *do* annoy many in the group is when people reply to a previous message without quoting the original question or doubt.

Ah... In time, I have myself a 464 that took me about a year to solve all problems... and still there's a last problem which I won't be able to solve... the CRT is worn out :-(



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