Replacement for Tantalum cap in 7603


Recently, the C492 Tantalum cap on the Vertical Amp board failed in my 7603 scope .... documented in an earlier Thread. I am up and running again with an 1uF 100v aluminium electro cap ... but the Forum 'general opinion' seems to prefer a higher voltage Tantalum replacement.

I have been looking at the Mouser et al sites and Tantalums over 50volt are expensive or non-existent .... and more so in Australia.

If I don't find a 1 or 2uF 100v 105deg Tantalum cap ... I could use 2 x 2uF 50v 105deg Tantalum caps (or larger uF) in series.

Is this a reasonable solution? ..... or do 'in series Tantalum caps' create problems eg less effective? noisy??


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