Re: 7904 Mainframe damaged


Hi Forgive this if it's been covered earlier, I've been following this thread on and off but a) I'm not familiar with this particular power supply and b) I dislike/distrust switchmode PSUs! However I couple of questions keep coming to mind.

Did I dream it or was it said at the outset that following the unfortunate event the 'scope continued to function and the fault only manifested itself after a power cycle? If so there may be a clue there?

Second, if I've followed the thread correctly, there still seems to be doubt as to whether the fault is in the PSU or one of the circuits it powers? If so, is there sense in powering some or all of these circuits from a bench supply to check their function independently?

Just thoughts.....Now I'll get back to fixing a 1950s scope which at least has a PSU I can understand - Transformer + rectifier tube + capacitor = job done!


On 4/11/2018 6:35 PM, Chuck Harris wrote:
I'm having more than a little trouble believing the
presumed cause fits the symptoms. Something else is
going on.

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