Re: 7B53A broken switch (mixed mode switch)

Fabio Trevisan

Hi Phillip,
I`m glad enough that the message came through before Max will actually need to crimp.
Since the switch went off (on your side) without mishaps... you're all still happy.
I wish I knew it was bakelite also. It was - to say the least - a thrill, when mine snapped under my pliers.
Fortunately it was a tiny piece at the end and didn't compromise too much, structurally speaking.
If being bakelite, on one hand is bad because it's fragile, on the other hand, it's good it wasn't plastics, because at least it's glueable.
I was kind of disappointed with Tek on this switch approach... A sliding switch with such a short throw, that tends to rock when you move it... and they didn't even care about placing the actuator closer to the switch, so to minimize the rocking forces.
It's definitely not the kind of elegant design I would expect from Tek.

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