Re: 7B53A broken switch (mixed mode switch)

Phillip Potter

Hi Max,

I was looking at the cross-connecting pins from the side and not from the bottom, and misinterpreted the connection.

I have been working on replacing or rebuilding the fan on my 453, and have been displeased with how the fan is hardwired to the inside of the scope, rather than having a plug!  It seems crazy to me, made all the more crazy when I pulled one of the wires out (accidentally).  I guess I am (now) expecting the worst from Tek, where, before the fan, was always looking for the excellent engineering and finding it everywhere in every device...

Of course, you are right. I will see what I can do with this tear down and will take your advice about looking at my working 7B53A for that switch "floating" and get it tightened.  I'm wondering if I can't fashion a tool for that job?

Thanks, and I will keep you advised.


On 4/9/2018 4:14 AM, unclebanjoman wrote:
they are connected via several connectors

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