DSA 602A Main Time Interpolator Died

Tom Norman

Hi All-

Hoping for a DSA guru out there to help with my DSA602A (fondly referred to as "the refrigerator"). More like a heater though....

A couple of days ago I noticed that it was not interleaving samples correctly, and sure enough, when I swapped plugins to have it run a partial enhanced accuracy - it failed on "Main Time Interpolator". Makes sense with what I was seeing.

I could swap out the upper acquisition board, but then I think I would need to run a field calibration, which I'm not quite setup to do since it requires three 7000 series calibration fixtures modded to work in the DSA. Other possibility would be to try diagnose the board, with the limited info in the service manual, and hopefully do a component replacement that wouldn't require the field calibration. I'm thinking if it ends up being the interpolator chip, the partial EA/full EA would address any differences between components.

Any experience/insight that anyone has is greatly appreciated.

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