Re: Typefaces in Tektronix manuals, was Re: [TekScopes] Protecting button labels


On 2018-04-02 7:37 PM, snapdiode via Groups.Io wrote:
Thanks. I tried some typeface detection websites but even they couldn't come up with anything. It looks like the model numbers are in a different typeface?

Yes, they are set separately, and apparently in a slightly inconsistent
set of faces (since they're all done at different times).

All simple to draw, or so I thought. I used calipers on the spines and
tried to reproduce the letters with Open Office Draw, but it's a
terrible tool to play with.

It's all a question of how close you want it. I'd be happy to help
redraw the TEKTRONIX INC characters in say Illustrator -- but after all
that effort you'd still be stuck for model number setting.

I think I could find a commercial $$ font that is fairly close, but I
assume you'd prefer a free font? That narrows it down a lot -- and few
free fonts are very high quality. However I did find this free font:

Of course it's not exactly the same, but it looks quite attractive, and
I'd argue it's probably close enough.


I'll try CAD tools next. Ideally I'd like a tool where I have separate X and Y scaling, so I can compensate for any printing discrepancies.

I can try drawing the letters as an RF trace in Allegro, I have precise control over widths and bends. But the K has a slight curve.

I've always wondered how this was printed back in the day. Some other manuals look like it was hot-stamped into the plastic.

Now that I look closer at the Tektronix manual, it looks like it could be a full size decal. That's what I'm trying, I bought some laser printer decal sheets and going to give it a try.

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