Re: Tek 7623A (or 7000 series in general) - Poor man's choice to Signal Standardizer

Fabio Trevisan

I know what you mean... I started with this scope illness mid 2015 and I already got 3. A Kenwood CS-5165, a Tek 464 and now this.
On the other hand, what may keep me somewhat protected from recurring is that Tek stuff of this vintage is hard to come by in Brazil.
Throughout these last three years, this is the first 7000 series scope that shows up on our local lists and auction sites, that looked minimally decent and for a reasonable price (and for reasonable price here I don't mean 30 bucks. Tek stuff here, even if it only serves as pure garbage doesn't go off for less than 100 bucks... never seen a single one cheaper that this).
I felt so lucky I was able to grab it, as it was nearby my area and even more now that I see that most of its shortcomings seem to be minor.

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