Re: 7633 came today. Appears to be no HV

Fabio Trevisan

Lop pol,
The weird aberration at the beginning is just the sweep standing by.
On my 7623a and on my 464 this is also what happens when I increase the CRT
It seems to be by design that the Z axis voltage have 2 different levels
during trace blanking.
It gets the trace to be deeply blanked during retrace, but barely blanked -
just below the visibility threshold - while standing by for sweep start.
And as you.increase the CRT bias, you first see that lightly blanked
standing-by area, and only after, at much higher intensity you get to see
the actual retrace.
Your whole problem seem to be linked to the intensity pot and/or the
components coming out of it, and into the z-axis amplifier input.
From the fact the readout intensity is working, we can infer that the
z-axis amplifier is working.

On Wed, Mar 14, 2018, 01:26 lop pol via Groups.Io <the_infinite_penguin=> wrote:

Here is what I have. Intensity does not control the trace intensity but
character intensity is controllable. In order to have a visible trace I had
to turn up the grid bias. Also the picture show the vertical issue.,,,20,1,0,0

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