Tek 7623A (or 7000 series in general) - Poor man's choice to Signal Standardizer

Fabio Trevisan

Hello dear Tekkies (I liked this intro from someone earlier this week!).
So now I have this nice 7623A that seems to be in good shape and now starting to wonder what will I need to put together to calibrate it (don't intend to have a certificate, but I want it cal'd for sure).
The horizontal axis isn't pretty much of a concern to me, firstly because it came with 2 time bases and they both agree quite accurately between each other, second because I tend to consider it less troublesome to calibrate.
Now, for the vertical axis, I found myself caught with my pants down! I`m sure the most experienced of you can tell what is it right ahead... Signal Standardizer!
Which takes me to my question (and possible suggestions).
1. What's the easiest and cheapest alternative to a "Signal Standardizer"? is there any small-circuit already known or used, to produce a balanced square wave, with fast edges and clean tops, that I can hook directly to the differential inputs of the MF?
P.S. Here, I want to avoid the loophole of procuring a Signal Standardizer (that I would need to know if it's calibrated ), or build a circuit that requires adjustments.
2. Is it valid to think of my 2nd 7B53A "Ampl." function as a decent "vanilla" pre-amp, feed it with a good pulse generator, take for granted there's very little to be wrong in the TB's pre-amp and, therefore, consider it a good "standard" to calibrate the MF's vertical?
3. Is it a good idea to "tap" onto the output of the plugin (or conversely the input of the MF), right at the MF's edge connector? On this same concept, is it valid to look only at one side of the differential input signal?
Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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