Re: 7603 Readout Diagnosing Help Please

Fabio Trevisan

Hello DC902,
I don't know if the horizontal compression is still happening or if it comes and goes, if it is, try to set a slower sweep speed and find out if the sweep is running backwards,
If it's running backwards, then you're probably looking at the exact same problem as I just had with my 7623A.
See the threads:
Tek 7623A - Inverted and compressed Horizontal only from TB (was 7623A + 7A26 + 7B53)

Tek 7623A - Inverted and compressed Horizontal only from TB (SOLVED)

While it may sound good for you that someone else (me) would have had the same problem and possibly the solution, as you will see looking at the first message of thread #145359 above, the problem disappeared while I was troubleshooting, checking and re-seating the Hor. Signal cable, between the Interface board and the Hor. Amp. board.
Most likely explanation was that one of the sides had a false contact (maybe caused by thickened contact lubricant).

I don't have a problem with my readout, but I would like to rephrase / resubmit the question of Roger... When you press Identify... Are you getting 8 small vertical lines (one for each character) in place where the readout should be displaying the word? or are you getting one vertical line for each the whole word identify?

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