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Hi Cliff,
Thank you for the information about C30 and C32 getting upgraded to 63 volt parts in 1985!
Rick posted that I listed the capacitors using R numbers in my original question, Ouch!
Getting old is increasingly difficult.
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On 3/9/2018 8:06 PM, Cliff Carrie wrote:
Tek approved the change to 63V caps for C30 and C32 in May 1985 and apparently put it into production somewhere before SN B054560.

The new caps are axial lead electrolytic and the old ones were also, probably, unless the board layout was changed (very unlikely).

My 7CT1N is a bit below SN B054560 and came with the 63V parts. The solder work on mine looks untouched from the original production.

Regards, Cliff Carrie
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Hello Lop Pol,
Are these 100 uF/25 V capacitors you speak of R30 and R32?
And are they tantalum capacitors?
In the parts listings tantalums are called electrolytics, so there is no
way to tell what they are without actually finding them in the 7CT1N on
the circuit boards.
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On 3/9/2018 11:30 AM, lop pol via Groups.Io wrote:
I read the 25V 100uf cap failure thing. Im going to change them before even powering it on.


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