Re: Capacitors Question?



I don't know you, and you don't know me.
It is astoundingly arrogant and disrespectful of you to lecture me, with overwhelming self-presumptuousness that you are correct.
"You've never seen a modern reflow oven in operation."

Instead of making presumptuous statements, how about asking me that question, with a little respect?
If you had, you would have got the answer that I HAVE seen and monitored reflow MANY times, AND understand the 3 stages, AND used the word "bake", as a generic term, to not get into irrelevant specifics for the purpose of my posting.

On this forum, people ask questions to clarify, and don't assume.
AFAIAC, assumptions have no place in engineering environments.

Your company may do things correctly and perfectly, however, if you've ever been in a Chinese PCB factory (have you?), you would likely be astounded at how corners are cut and sloppy workmanship is the norm. I was astounded.
Little or no preheat at all, workers drinking coffee and joking during the reflow and not paying attention to the clock or temperature rise, and doing away with the controlled cooling, to save time.
That's the norm.
Does the consumer know about all that? Forget about it.

Is it any wonder that these PCB's don't last?


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