Re: What calibration items to buy.

Harvey White

On Wed, 07 Mar 2018 20:04:29 -0800, you wrote:

Hi Ralph,
Given that the accuracy of an oscilloscope isn't that great for voltages in particular, I'd have to say you are set up more closely than many folks out there. Most analogue oscilloscopes are 2% vertical. I wouldn't worry about your Y accuracy at all. That's for DC. If you can set up a sine wave to that accuracy you're laughing. Where you're lacking is the high frequency calibration. I use a Tek PG-506 and SG-504 with leveling head. My newer digital 'scope is probably more accurate (Agilent 54642D). If you can find a way to equate your AC signal to your DC reference, you'll be more accurate than you need to be for a 'scope.

I'd like to know from someone. Are the Tek mainframe type 'scopes more accurate? I mean the ones with plug in's like a 760x series for example.
Yes and no. If you use the usual scope plugins, then the accuracy of
a 7000 series scope is as good as any other scope. You're still trying
to read a spot on a screen.

If you use the digital plugins, say frequency, period, or voltage,
then your accuracy is lots better.



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