Re: Sphere's Stuff Day coming soon--stay tuned

Edward Oscarson <scskits@...>

Would be interested in an HP 11707A plug in for the 8660 generators if you have one in stock. I need it to debug an 8660D..

On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 6:14 PM, walter shawlee <@walter2> wrote:

We are trying to balance weather, roads and the best saturday for our annual stuff day event.
Easter long weekend will probably not work, as there's still a lot of snow around, and highways are bad.
so I am guessing mid-april?  we are in Kelowna, BC (Canada), not far from Seattle.

anybody interested to come up, or see some advance info on the goodies that will go free and cheap,
please email me off list. There is a ton of HP 8660 RF generator plug in stuff, PMI/Wavetek scalar analyzer gear including sensors, lots of older Tek scopes and literally tons of parts, tools, DMMs, manuals and yes, even two big 19: rack cabinets, FREE if you carry them away in your truck. also all kinds of interesting microwave doo-dads, counters and a few hundred QST/Nuts and Volts back issues, also FREE to promote more reading. We always respond to requests, so if we know you are interested, we can put it out. We have hundreds of CRTs we'd like to see in new homes, and all kinds of RF, industrial, nixie, numitron and audio tubes.

for those unable to make the trip, you might be able to persuade dennis tillman to bring back some gear to washington for you later this month, as we are already going to trade some gear in Vancouver. sort of a check-point charlie kind of thing.

anyway, hope to see some of you for stuff day!  it's always a blast.
all the best,
walter (walter2 -at-
sphere research corp.

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