Re: Tek 7623A - Inverted and compressed Horizontal only from TB (was 7623A + 7A26 + 7B53)

Fabio Trevisan

On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 12:27 am, Roger Evans wrote:
If you look at the 7B53A manual schematic <8>, it shows the waveforms that
should appear on the A11, B11 backplane connectors and from there to the input
to U150. Are they both present and correct?
Hi Roger,
Thanks... I didn't have chance to set it up properly on the bench for a probing session... That's probably my next step, when I'll also check the LVPS for actual voltages and ripple.
I did have chance to re-touch the Hor. Gain trimpot (R512) and found it was at its minimal setting... I turned it back and forth a few times, to be sure I wasn't having a problem of bad or no wiper contact and no... the trimpot is acting smoothly... and even at the maximum setting, the horizontal sweep increased to from 4.5 divisions to about 7 divisions. Still not enough, but at least it's responsive.

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