Re: Tekmate floppy setup problem.

John Ferguson

Maybe someone has already suggested this, but i can clearly remember that back in the late '80s when these things showed up that some 1.44 drives were very fussy about which disks they would write to.  i assume you've found the little write-protection slide on your disks and it is in the 'write' position and you've tried 720 disks 'just in case'

I'm running a 1992 Sun SPARCstation 10 which has a 1.44 drive. I think I'll check to see if it can still read the disks I have.


On 03/05/2018 09:33 AM, Szabolcs Szigeti wrote:

Thanks, but I doubt it. I have tried a number of disks, even one from an
original packaging. I'm able to use them in a notebook. The imteresting
thing is that if I try to format them in in the Tekmate, then format stops
with unusable track 0, but it formats that track. or at least does
something with that, because then I have to reformat the disk to use it
again. This is why i suspect that there is some discrepancy in what
bios/dos thinks about the drives and what they are really. But, I do not
see anything else other than the bios setup to change the floppy type.
I can still not beleive that I have 3 equally faulty floppy drives, but
I'll try and get hol of a fourth one or try them in a PC. I'll also try
cleaning them, to make sure that that is not the problem.


2018-03-05 4:04 GMT+01:00 battyhugh <@Hugh>:

It might surprise you, but your floppys are corrupt. I would suggest
getting a tube of disk cleaner (10%alcohol and a drop of detergent) - and
using a nice clean tissue - I recommend toilet paper - open the shutter and
clean the disk carefully on both sides. I have to do this to recover old
disks with files.

Good luck

Hugh @Hugh

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