Re: Tekmate floppy setup problem.

Fabio Trevisan

Hi Szabolcs...
It may be a long shot but, have you considered that the very first disk, or
one of the first that you tried, could have been contaminated by fungae,
mold, etc... And that it could have made the drives head dirty?
Have you tried to clean the heads using a cleaning floppy disk and IPA, or
using a cotton swab?
In the begginig of the years 2000 when floppy disks were already on their
way out, but lots of people still had large sets of years past backups, it
was very common for my customers to trash a lot of floppies, thinking they
were bad, just to find out that there was only one bad disk, which
eventually clogged the heads of the reader, rendering all other disks
Fungae love the kind of lubricant that used to be used back then, to
protect the disks from abrasion.

On Mar 5, 2018 11:34 AM, "Szabolcs Szigeti" <szigiszabolcs@...> wrote:


Thanks, but I doubt it. I have tried a number of disks, even one from an
original packaging. I'm able to use them in a notebook. The imteresting
thing is that if I try to format them in in the Tekmate, then format stops
with unusable track 0, but it formats that track. or at least does
something with that, because then I have to reformat the disk to use it
again. This is why i suspect that there is some discrepancy in what
bios/dos thinks about the drives and what they are really. But, I do not
see anything else other than the bios setup to change the floppy type.
I can still not beleive that I have 3 equally faulty floppy drives, but
I'll try and get hol of a fourth one or try them in a PC. I'll also try
cleaning them, to make sure that that is not the problem.


2018-03-05 4:04 GMT+01:00 battyhugh <@Hugh>:

It might surprise you, but your floppys are corrupt. I would suggest
getting a tube of disk cleaner (10%alcohol and a drop of detergent) - and
using a nice clean tissue - I recommend toilet paper - open the shutter
clean the disk carefully on both sides. I have to do this to recover old
disks with files.

Good luck

Hugh @Hugh

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