Re: Right / Best way to rename a topic

Fabio Trevisan

Thanks Chuck and David (Partridge),

You both share the same opinion (That I better not change the subject of an
existing thread) so I`ll follow.



2018-03-05 12:06 GMT-03:00 Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>:

There really is only one way to rename a topic, and that
is to change what is in the Subject box.

The problem with renaming a topic, is that all previous
posts, and all replies to previous posts, keep the same
topic. The only posts that change are yours, and anyone
that replies to you. Further, the renamed topic retains
its position in the threading of the original topic.

Changing the topic as a means of starting a new topic is
strictly frowned upon. Doing so keeps the "new" topic in
the threading of the old topic, and seriously confuses
the readers.

I would venture that the best thing to do, is to compose
a new thread with a new topic, and be happy.

-Chuck Harris

Fabio Trevisan wrote:
Hello Folks,
My last topic was about the Tek 7623A I was prospecting to purchase.
Well, it's purchased already and I even started discussing its problems
and getting replies...
So I would like to rename the topic, so the subject reflect the ongoing
Is there a right way to give the topic a new name, like I see sometimes
on the list... e.g.: New Subject... (was old subject)?
I`m taking the opportunity to improve my usage of the group, in order to
maintain the topic integrity and assure search-ability, etc...

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