Re: Right / Best way to rename a topic


Please don't EVER do that, it messes up thread based readers!

Please start a completely new topic (i.e. don't reply to an existing topic and change the subject in your mail client).


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Subject: [TekScopes] Right / Best way to rename a topic

Hello Folks,
My last topic was about the Tek 7623A I was prospecting to purchase.
Well, it's purchased already and I even started discussing its problems and getting replies...
So I would like to rename the topic, so the subject reflect the ongoing discussion...
Is there a right way to give the topic a new name, like I see sometimes on the list... e.g.: New Subject... (was old subject)?
I`m taking the opportunity to improve my usage of the group, in order to maintain the topic integrity and assure search-ability, etc...

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