Re: Back feet for 335 scope


On 2018-03-01 3:34 PM, Phillip Potter wrote:
Hello all,

The feet on the rear of my 335 are crumbling apart, literally!

I talked to Walter at Sphere and he has nothing even close, and searches
on the net reveal nothing... so, I am coming to the group to see if
there might happen to be someone who has any extra rear feet (Tek PN
348-0425-00) or even just one, that could be spared (or loaned?) to me
as an example of a complete foot?  I don't know if they could be 3-D
printed or cast, but I don't have even one that is complete... mine are
all crumbled.

Here is a picture of what it looks like (borrowed from the internet):,,,20,1,0,0

Thanks for any suggestion or help you can provide.
This is such a common malady that a few people have developed
replacement feet.

One reference is

And I've bought a few sets from Fred Usack on ebay, and can vouch for
him (I don't know if he is on TekScopes):

These are for other models, but given some basic measurements, Fred (or
others) is likely able to produce feet that are compatible with your
model, even if not identical to the originals.



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