Re: Back feet for 335 scope

Malcolm Hunter

It can be done. I've 3D printed feet for the 465 based on this model I
"designed" based on the original feet: Printed in PLA, they are
functional but I wouldn't bank on them holding out for every day use.
Someone with a bit of 3D modelling ability and an original foot should be
able to craft a suitable replacement for the 335 too. Printed in something
a bit more durable would work and even if they weren't as good as the
original, you could have plenty of spares.


On 1 March 2018 at 20:34, Phillip Potter <> wrote:

Hello all,

The feet on the rear of my 335 are crumbling apart, literally!

I talked to Walter at Sphere and he has nothing even close, and searches
on the net reveal nothing... so, I am coming to the group to see if there
might happen to be someone who has any extra rear feet (Tek PN 348-0425-00)
or even just one, that could be spared (or loaned?) to me as an example of
a complete foot? I don't know if they could be 3-D printed or cast, but I
don't have even one that is complete... mine are all crumbled.

Here is a picture of what it looks like (borrowed from the internet):,,,20,1,0,0

Thanks for any suggestion or help you can provide.


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