Re: one last 7633 question (for now)


Also some plug-ins like the ubiquitous 7B53A used chiefly in 76xx
mainframes have no built in illumination anyway so adding the lamp
power modification to the mainframe makes no difference for them.

On Wed, 28 Feb 2018 16:43:38 -0000, you wrote:

While I intend to do this mod to my 7623A, it is worth bearing in mind a couple of things. If you check the app note/mod sheet (040-0686-01) you will see that some things should be down-rated afterwards - this might be significant to your needs. Also, those mainframes that had this power-supply for the push-switches as standard often had a switch where the light intensity could be turned down or completely off. It may be worth your while to include something like this, unless you like replacing the lamps in the switches on the plug-ins. Just a thought...


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