Hinge Covers for 465, 465B, 475, and 475A Oscilloscopes

Jeff Davis

Hi TekScopes,

Just a quick note to let the group know that I've developed a replacement hinge cover for Tektronix 465 (S/N > 250000), 465B, 475, and 475A oscilloscopes. This is the plastic piece that covers the handle hinge mechanism where the handle joins to the cabinet. It replaces Tektronix part number 200-0602-00. Although it's not 100% identical in appearance to the original part (color is black, and some cosmetic differences), it fits perfectly. It is a darn sight better than looking at the innards of the hinge mechanism!

DOES NOT FIT 465 models with serial numbers below 250000. These early versions of the 465 model used a different part number hinge cover (200-0602-01). I've tried and found them not to fit. Models 465B, 475, and 475A are all compatible as their service manuals (for all serial numbers) call out the compatible cover part number.

If you have an early version 465, I have it on my TO DO list to modify the design to create a replacement for them. Please private message me if you're interested and I'll let you know when I think I'll have that available.

These are available both on eBay and on my www.n0dy.com<http://www.n0dy.com> web site. Photos on both sites.


- N0DY Electronics<http://www.n0dy.com/>
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