Re: OT: Why is a Pomona Dual Banana Plug Shorting Bar Polarized

Harvey White

On Sun, 25 Feb 2018 23:01:10 -0800, you wrote:

3 questions that are bothering me:

I picked up several Pomona dual banana plug shorting bars at the Rickreall,
OR Swap meet 2 weeks ago.

I just noticed they have the usual tab sticking out on one side with the
abbreviation GND on it.

Does Pomona know something about shorting bars that I don't?
It's only going to ground with the ground tab in the ground hole, any
other use is not covered in the manual.

Was I using them wrong half of the time if I wasn't paying attention to
their orientation?

Does anyone pay attention to the polarity of a shorting bar?
Check the fine print in the revision of the manual that wasn't
published (see internal memo #423331.1).

Another thing: According to Mouser the Yaego 0 ohm resistors they sell are
specified at only 1%. How do they know?
They obviously measured them.

Finally: Why are the buttons on the cash machine at the drive up window of a
bank in Braille?
That one I can answer. Regulations and they use the keyboards in
other places.

I have one for the list:

Why do I need a smart phone to talk to stupid people?


Dennis Tillman W7PF

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