Re: Tek 454 Ch1 Vertical Drift

Stan or Patricia Griffiths <w7ni@...>

Hi Terry,

I have not had any luck with any superglues sticking to that white plastic which I
think is really nylon. I have only had luck with epoxy and then I used a fair
amount of it and filled in the areas around the set screw part to give it a lot of
extra strength. To get to it, you can remove the CRT still inside the CRT
shield. There is a procedure for doing this in the manual. Don't forget to
disconnect the CRT neck pins before removing the CRT. It really only takes about
10 minutes and you have unsolder a few wires . . . just remember where they went.

To help make sure the epoxy will stick, I would clean the area to be glued with a
cotton swab and alcohol. To bring the area of the pot to be glued to the top
where you can reach it, you can actually mechanically rotate the pot by by using a
pair of needle nosed pliers or a soldering aid to push on the front part of it
where the set screw is. In the event this attempt to glue it does not work, I
would suggest that you turn the pot to the detent position and leave it there.
Then at least that channel will be calibrated . . . it just won't have a
functioning variable control.

I think you can buy nuvistors from Deane Kidd <dektyr@...> or
503-625-7363. Deane will need the Tek part number of the nuvistor you are looking

Look luck on getting this fixed and let me know how it works out for you.


Terry Brown wrote:

Thanks, Stan. I do see the plastic part you described and, yes, it is
cracked. Would any of the "superglues" work in place of expoxy? Any fairly
easy way to get to it?
I'll try reseating the Nuvistor for the other problem. If it's a bad one,
any ideas where they are commercially available. Thanks, again.

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